• RSCHIP如何做动

    Rschip运作通过动态改变ECU中的数值。每个芯片可编程EPROM地址设置直接影响车辆效率和性能。当ECU读取特定地址的Rschip EPROM,就能从车载性能调整详细规划表代替了工厂的数值。晶片运行自己的软件与车辆的ECU沟通,仅读取ECU中需要的喷油量、点火时间数值。

  • 这会影养我车辆的原厂保固吗?

    Delivery around the USA & Canada is free of charge.

    Delivery to other countries is $30 USD.

  • 晶片会不会伤害我的车辆

    If the reason for return is a technical problem or factory defect, we will pay the delivery expenses. In other cases the customer covers all the corresponding expenses.

  • 可以,RSCHIP可以更换到我们资料库内超过5000台车型的车辆使用

    If we don’t have an official dealer in your country, please feel free to order from our website. The list of dealers is available here.

  • RSCHIP可以关闭原厂的速度限制吗?

    Step 1
    Print & submit RMA Form

    Step 2
    Pack the product along with the printed RMA Form. Make sure that the item is in original unmarked packaging and all components are in the box.

    Step 3
    If the product is returned undamaged in its original condition, your money will be returned within 7 business days.

    Please, note that return process is applicable only for purchases from website.

  • 不,不会关闭原厂速度限制

    Yes, you have a 30-day trial period.